Slings – a mechanism that is designed for lifting and transporting cargo of varying severity due to its fixation. At the end of the sling is usually a ring, hook, hook or any other device. Slings are used in various industries, such as construction work, agriculture, metallurgy, forestry, engineering, oil and gas industry. Slings are very effective in operation, because they provide safety of cargo and accelerate the process of any work.

Textile slings – it is the most versatile type of sling. They are not affected by temperature changes, they do not deform under the influence of sunlight, water, oil, etc., so are suitable for use in all climates. The very same design textile slings rather compact and small in weight. Despite this, they are used to transport various types of cargo.

Chain slings are often used in construction. These lines are a chain consisting of strong links that connect mainly due to welding. This species is quite flexible, which is very convenient during unloading and loading operations.

Wire rope slings are heavy, so they are less comfortable than other hoisting mechanisms. Most often they are used to move heavy and large cargo, which are equipped with holes or loops for capture. This is a very reliable and flexible straps.

In our company you can order any kind of slings and hooks (included and optional).